Our Banging Bangers

Welcome back to the Butcher’s Hook, the weekly blog from Lothian Meats, Essex’s finest butchers. In today’s blog we will be looking at the humble British banger and our wonderful selection of sausages, we will also provide a few recipe ideas that bring out the very best flavour from our home made sausages.


Homemade susages by Lothian MeatsWe offer a wide range of sausages made in house using the very finest fresh ingredients. Pop into Lothian and sons and pick up some of your favourites and discover some new ones! So, what’s the best way to eat our sausages? Anyway you like! However, here are a few suggestions to get those tantalise those tastebuds.


Country Pork – The classic. A lovely fat content mixed with traditional seasoning gives this banger a beautiful flavour and eating quality. Why not whip up some thick, dark onion gravy and fluffy mash?


Toulouse – Charming and full of flavour. Fresh garlic and herbs mix with red wine and beautiful pork. This French sausage is one of favourites, enjoyed grilled with a simple side salad. Close your eyes and let this delicious sausages transport you to the south of France.


Wild Boar and Apple – A light gamey flavour punctuates this homemade sausage. The apple and boar, a classic combination, creates a beautiful rich flavour that has to be tasted to describe. We enjoy this sausage with a light sauce served alongside a hearty green salad and some nice new potatoes.


Duck, Orange and Hoisin – One of our latest creations, this is taking the humble sausage to new heights. An aromatic flavour from the sweet, plum sauce and orange compliments the rich duck. This is the perfect sausage to wow guests at a bbq and is best served grilled on the bbq for that additional smokey flavour.


Gloucester Old Spot – One of the oldest breeds in the country, the Gloucester Old Spot is known for its famous black spots. The sausages, with a rich, pork flavour, showcases the exceptional quality of the meat. Best enjoyed either in a classic bangers and mash, toad in the hole or grilled.


Chicken and Apricot – Tender chicken and delicious apricots combine in this sweet and savoury sausage. Drawing from classic flavours, the sausages we will certainly go down a treat both at home and with the guests. Pull these and stick on the bbq to impress the guests!


Moroccan Lamb – Travel to the middle east with our Moroccan Lamb sausages. Wonderful aromatics and juicy lamb create a wonderful flavoursome sausage with a delicious middle eastern taste. Serve with some toasted pitta bread, a dollop of hummus, olives (from our deli of course) and a herby salad to let these sausages take centre stage.


Sicilian Sausage – Have you tried Sergio’s homemade sausage? Trust us. These are utterly amazing. Fennel, chopped tomatoes, mozzarella and free range pork create a delightfully fresh sausage. Best served with a cool glass of white and an Italian salad these are one of our most popular.


And, to prove that the UK really is a nation that is bonkers about the banger here are a few facts from Love Pork, the official UK campaign to get people eating pork:

During the year to August 2016, the nation consumed 175,713 tonnes of sausages in the home, worth £717 million of retail sales


85% of British households buy sausages, on an average of 12 times per year

Each household spends an average of £31.20 per year on sausages

Every day, 3.5 million meals containing sausages are eaten at home

A staggering 1.26 billion meals containing sausage are eaten in the home each year

More sausages are eaten as part of an evening meal/teatime in the home (61%); compared to 24% at breakfast and 14% at lunch

31% of the sausage market (by volume) is classified as premium, 58% as standard, 5% as low fat and 6% as economy

Sausage sales (by volume) are more than double the sales of burgers and grills

24% of sausages eaten out of the home are consumed in pubs, 19% are enjoyed in full service outlets and 16% in a travel and leisure environment, 11% are eaten in the workplace

(Source Love Pork)

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